HTML APIs via Java 1.2 API

Use Java to write application logic; Use HTML5 to render the UI; Animate an HTML page from Java (see Duke being rotated by CSS); Use REST or WebSockets; interact with JavaScript; Get the best of both worlds! The goal of these APIs is to use full featured Java runtime (like real HotSpot VM), but still rely on a very lightweight rendering technology (so it can potentially fit Bck2Brwsr and definitely to various types of phones).

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JSON for Java 
Package Description
This API allows you to write your application logic in Java and present it using modern HTML rendering technologies like Knockout and communicate with a server via REST or WebSockets.
Core Client APIs 
Package Description
Representation of the browser context.
Builder class to bootstrap your Java/HTML based application.
See BrowserBuilder for description how to launch your application.
Implementation of BrowserBuilder that renders using JavaFX WebView and additional utilities to configure individual WebViews.
Essential support for those who write native methods communicating directly with JavaScript.
Mix your Java and JavaScript code seamlessly - perform calls from Java to JavaScript and back with as much freedom as JavaScript gives you and as much type safety you can get from Java.
Geolocation API 
Package Description
HTML Geo API for Java provides annotation based way of obtaining geolocation information from a browser or any other device capable of providing it.
Sound API 
Package Description
Control sound in your HTML for Java applications.
Testing and Headless API 
Package Description
Factories to create headless browser environment which is useful for testing.
Service Provider APIs (not commonly interesting) 
Package Description
Interfaces for integrators of various execution environments.
Not really interesting for clients.
Service provider classes to build BrwsrCtx instances.
Service provider interfaces for those willing to provide their own way of obtaining proper geolocation.
Service Provider Interfaces for those who wish to integrate own technology with the HTML for Java API.
Entry point to the test compatibility kit.
Give your AudioClip real behavior!

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